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Your travel site doesn’t have to be built around an exotic location. You don’t have to be a travel agent to help people with their vacation plans. You are, after all, an expert on your city or region.

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World travel web sites:

Hitched to Travel

Steven and Elke are a Belgian couple with a passion for traveling. Their blog is chock-full of wonderful experiences many of them include stories from their trips to Croatian destinations.

Novasol Croatian Villas

Europe’s largest self-catering provider with a great selection of hand-picked villa rentals. Find beautiful holiday homes on seafronts, rustic country cottages, or villas with private pools, all with Novasol’s handpicked selection suitable for all budgets.

Channel Islands Hotels

Channel Islands Hotels, Jersey, Guernsey and throughout the rest of the Channel Islands. Along with ideas and details on hotels throughout Europe.

Victoria falls guide

This unique information site is about one of the seven natural wonders of the world “Victoria Falls”. Our local knowledge and experience will provide the visitor with every bit of conceivable information they will need. Including accommodation, activities, history, culture, weather, safety, facts etc.

Lake Garda Italy

Lake Garda Italy is a great place for Sport and Recreation. You will enjoy your time visiting fascinating Towns and Villages. It is a destination guide about this beautiful part of Italy where I’m living.

Dominican Republic Vacations

Best Dominican Republic Vacations: A Caribbean tropical paradise for the whole family, an unforgettable vacation!

Free Way Spain

A comprehensive travel guide and apartment and villa rental and management service for the eastern Costa del Sol. Discover why you should visit the unspoilt Axarquia region of Andalucia, southern Spain.

Sedgefield South Africa

Discover the magical outdoor experience of Sedgefield, South Africa’s first slow town. Includes slow town ethics, slow food workshops, outdoor activities in a great natural environment of beaches, lakes, mountains and indigenous forest.

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Your Travel Site Does Not Have To Be About A Destination

Do you have specialized knowledge about a certain type of travel (rather than a destination)? Through your themed site, interact with other adventurers who, just like you, plan their vacations around their passions, such as…

No matter where your city, lake, beach, destination or region is, it’s important your passion for traveling and the desire to share it with others.

  • Romantic beach
  • European castles
  • Scuba diving destinations
  • World’s best beaches
  • Cycling and/or hiking routes
  • Extreme adventure travel
  • Five star powder skiing
  • Eco tours, etc.

Exchange your passion and knowledge with others!

Your Web site could be the most clever, flashy site on the Net. You could post up all your award-worthy vacation photos and fill it with the best travel tips. But if no one ever sees it, it’s not a business… it’s a time-consuming hobby.

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TripAdvisor has thousands and tourist reviews and competitive hotel prices for Split Croatia