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Sponsored posts and guest posts on Split.gg – Split Croatia Travel Guide enable our advertisers to reach new audiences and promote their services to tourists visiting Croatia.

Since our authors can’t possibly cover every single topic, we accept articles and travel guide submissions from other authors and website owners as sponsored or guest posts.

If you’re interested in publishing a promotional article on Split.gg for your company, hotel, restaurant or other service, feel free to go over our requirements and guidelines below. Once you’re ready simply get in touch with our administrative staff with your content, and we’ll review your submission and let you know how to proceed!

Guest post content

We welcome articles on any topic related to Croatia travel. Your submission can be either informative, a travel guide for a destination, or a promotional article to give your service or company additional traffic.

Please keep in mind each article contributed by outside authors will be clearly labeled as a “sponsored post” or “guest post”.

Up to 2 outgoing links are permitted in each article (links will be tagged with “nofollow”). Your website must be in English, or have an easily accessible link for a translated version.

Submitted article must be 650 words or longer. You’re welcome to attach up to 4 images per article, however please ensure you have the necessary rights to publish or distribute images and are able to extend the publishing license to include our website.

All submitted and approved posts on Split.gg will be fully index-able by search engines and will be accessible to our visitors through various site navigation elements.

Submission fee

Due to high demand for publishing sponsored content we charge a flat €180 (EUR) fee per sponsored post, payable via Paypal after we approve and publish your article.

Considering our website’s high authority and rankings we get sponsored post requests on a weekly basis. Charging a fee ensures we get fewer submissions, thus enabling each sponsored post to reach a larger audience.

Approval process

Our staff will review your submitted content and contact you within 48 hours. Articles may not get approved in cases with: excessive keyword usage, high number of grammar, spelling or factual errors, inappropriate content (nudity, illegal services, etc.), duplicate or otherwise non-original content. We will not publish articles with sentences or paragraphs copied from other websites, so please ensure your submitted content is unique for best results.

We will request a fee payment only after your article has been approved and published on our website.


All sponsored content including links to promoted websites in sponsored posts will remain live on our website for a minimum period of 4 years after the date of approval. Exceptions to the above include: promoted websites or services no longer available, substantial changes on promoted websites which make the submission content non-relevant, or article content becoming highly outdated.

We do not guarantee any specific number of visitors, views, sales, bookings, or other results from your sponsored post. To achieve best results we recommend submitting a longer (900+ words) guide our readers will enjoy reading and find helpful.

By submitting sponsored content you agree to give us permission to promote it on our website, social media, and other properties or channels related to Split.gg, and give us full rights to publish the content including text and other media indefinitely.

We also reserve the right to make future adjustments to your article, including but not limited to fixing spelling or factual errors, adding relevant images or other media, fixing spacing, adding headings, changing the title, or adding additional non-sponsored relevant internal links. Any potential changes made will be to improve the quality of the article, improve its rankings, and increase the user experience and satisfaction.

If you have further questions or want to submit your guest post simply contact us here or send an email directly to contact @ split.gg.

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