Restaurant on Marjan Hill

Looking for a Restaurant for a Special Occasion and was wondering if there is a restaurant on top of Marjan Hill.

A couple who are visiting Croatia for the husband’s 50th birthday on the 12th July 2015.

His wife would like to plan a special dinner occasion, to celebrate his birthday….they will have another couple traveling with them…ie there will be 4 people.

I thought perhaps if there was a nice restaurant on Marjan Hill this could be an option or alternatively do you know of any dinner cruises that are offered.
Please could you let me know.

by Cornell
(Johannesburg South Africa)


Hi, Mr.Cornell,

On the Marjan Hill there is no adequate restaurant for a dinner, except a small bar.

I suggest you another solution. Split has many restaurants but Graso restaurant has the most beautiful terrace on the coast.

It’s located right next to Split’s ACI marina, it is a long time favorite for sailors and boat owners but also for locals looking for great meal with a view. Check its position on Google map (

It’s the best place for everyone visiting and looking for a great place for romantic dinners or even important event.

Enjoy the view of Brac island, ferries coming and going from Split harbor, sailing boats and yachts, and excellent food.

For more restaurant reviews and recommendations please click here! You can also see my romantic restaurant recommendations here, most if not all are perfectly suitable for a pleasant dinner.

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