General direction of wind during summer (for cycling)

General direction of wind during summer (for cycling)

Hi Pero!

I came across your website while looking for information on coastal winds on the Dalmatian Coast. My wife and I want to cycle from Zadar to Dubrovnik during late June-early July of 2015. Usually, the prevailing winds go from West to East, so I think that this is the correct direction. But I wanted to confirm with you that this is indeed the right way to do it, and not go from Dubrovnik to Zadar.

Hvala puno for a prompt response.

Sébastien i Filipa (who is Croatian)

by Sébastien


The usual wind in this period is MAESTRAL (Mistral) a refreshing north-western wind in the hot days that blows from the sea to the mainland.

It is usually present in summer and only blows along the coast and rarely reaches further than 20 Meters. Begins to blow about 10,00 in the morning and round 14,00 reaches its maximum strength and always ends before sunset (usually around 18,00 PM). Mistral or Maestral indicates the nice weather and significantly reduces heat and sultriness.

I would say it’s the best wind for cycling.

Please see my page about Coastal Winds for more information!

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