Currency Exchange in Croatia or Abroad?

The following question was submitted in March 2017 by Veronica. She’s wondering whether it’s better to exchange currency in Croatia or at home:

Hello Pero. Love your blog, so much information. Could you tell me please if it is better to buy Kuna in the UK or in Split. We are coming in May. Thank you so much.

My answer should be helpful for other currencies as well, as there shouldn’t be much of a difference in exchange rates for EURO, USD, CAD, AUD, or other currencies.



thanks for your kind words, I’m glad you found some of the content helpful.

According to, GBK to Kuna exchange rate in Great Britain right now is 8,59 HRK for 1 GBP.

Croatian National Bank’s (link, in English) current selling rate (commercial banks use this rate as baseline and their values are very near) is 8,63 HRK for 1 GBP. It’s less than 1% difference, so even if you decide to exchange money within Croatia you wouldn’t lose much value.

For convenience sake I would recommend having at least €100 (or equivalent value in HRK even better) with you just in case. It will be much easier to pay for highway/ferry tolls or taxi with euros rather than pounds, and you may not even be able to pay for most things with pounds.

Banks and exchange offices are everywhere and easy to find here, but you may not wish to search for one immediately as you arrive. I would recommend just exchanging money in UK, in the end it’s just one less thing for you to worry about.

I hope it helps answer your question, and thanks again!

A tip for other travelers: keep in mind you may not be able to exchange all currencies to Kuna in Croatia. You can see a list of currencies our banks can exchange on Croatian National Bank’s website above: if your country’s currency isn’t listed you will not be able to exchange money.

Most Asian, South American or African currencies are not accepted.

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