Mostar town tour from Dubrovnik

Discover the city of Mostar on this full-day tour from Dubrovnik. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Neretva valley as you travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina. You will visit the small village of Počitelj and discover its history, before arriving to Mostar where you will explore the historic old town, beautiful cobbled streets and amazing architecture.

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  • Discover the breathtaking views of the Neretva valley
  • Visit the small village Počitelj
  • Explore the town of Mostar and its beautiful Old Town
  • Walk along the cobbled streets and discover the Turkish influence on the town’s architecture
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      Discover the city where East meets West. An exhilarating journey full of contrasts – rugged coastal area gradually melting into fertile greens of Neretva Valley full of scented citrus fruit and kiwi plantations.

      The most memorable part of the trip is a visit to Mostar itself, also known as the “melting pot of cultures”.

      Predominantly influenced by centuries long Turkish rule, tall, slim minarets reaching for the sky, cobbled bazaar street with rhythmic tapping of hammers against copper plates as they are being transformed into pretty souvenirs, houses with ornate wooden balconies all remind you of times gone by. This truly is a place where East meets West.

      On our way to Dubrovnik, we will have a brief visit to the village Počitelj which serves as a reminder of 4.5 centuries of Eastern cultural influence in these territories.

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