Korcula town and island tour

Walk the old narrow streets, explore beautiful churches and palaces, see the birthplace of Marco Polo and taste fantastic wines from the Peljesac region. This full day tour will show you the highlights of Korcula town and island.

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  • Discover the birthplace of Marco Polo- Korčula
  • Walk along narrow streets and admire the beauty of this beautiful island
  • Visit a winery in Pelješac and taste excellent wine typical for this region
    • Tour description:

      Discover the birthplace of Marco Polo, an explorer who changed history.

      The Island of Korčula, with no doubt, is a special island on the Croatian Adriatic. Perhaps more than on any other island, it is here that the legends, stories and historical monuments relate to each other.

      As famous stonemasons, shipbuilders and sailors, people of Korčula left traces worldwide, but the best thing is what they have left to their city. Enjoy the narrow streets, beautiful churches and palaces, in one of the most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean.

      After the tour, pick out a delicious restaurant or just go swimming. On the way back to Dubrovnik, visit a winery and taste some wine typical for this region that is making Pelješac Peninsula famous all over the world!

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