Elaphiti Islands Boat Tour

Enjoy a full day cruise tour from Dubrovnik and discover the breathtaking beauty of the Elaphite Islands. Visit Lopud island and Šipan island and enjoy delicious lunch. Take pleasure in the untouched perks of the Adriatic and discover the secrets of Elaphite Islands!

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  • Discover the breathtaking beauty of the Elaphite Islands
  • Learn about the legend of the island of St. Andrew
  • Find out why the Elaphites are also called the Deer Archipelago
  • Visit Lopud and Šipan and rest in their beauty

Tour details:

Enjoy the beautiful islands of the south coast of Croatia- the Elaphite Islands. Visit Lopud and Šipan and rest in their beauty, silence and richness of flora and fauna.

Soak up the sunshine and gentle breezes as the boat lazily cuts through peaceful waters heading to a world almost forgotten. Green oasis of scented citrus plantations, pine clad hills, sandy beaches and palm trees.

As you stroll the promenade, it appears that life on the island has been in slow motion for a long time, with man fishing and chatting in cafeterias or playing cards whilst ladies sitting on the porch and doing their fine needle work or simply spreading delicious aroma of home cooking through windows covered in lace curtains.

Many legends and stories of former island’s fame are revealed for you – stories of coral divers, ship builders and sea captains that awaken these dreamy islands for you, if only for a day.

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