Dubrovnik Walking Tour

Explore the stunning architecture and rich history of this famous city on a brilliant walking tour. Discover magnificent buildings, palaces and treasures, and learn all about the stories and legends of Dubrovnik on this guided tour.

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  • Witness Dubrovnik’s rich history and culture
  • Discover Dubrovnik Old Town and its historical attractions
  • See the Onofrio’s Fountain, St. Saviour’s grandiose church and Sponza Palace
  • Explore the Cathedral, the Rector’s Palace and Orlando’s Column

What will I see?

This unique tour gives you the opportunity to explore the stunning architecture and history of this world famous City.

Witness Dubrovnik’s rich history and discover its magnificent buildings, palaces and treasures. Accompanied by our experienced guide, who will entertain you with interesting details and stories, you will be given a tour which covers all the major sights of Dubrovnik’s Old City.

Starting at Onofrio’s Fountain, which for centuries has brought fresh drinking water into the city; our route leads us along Prijeko Street to the Old Port, once the key of Dubrovnik’s trading and maritime success.

St. Saviour’s, the grandiose Franciscan and Dominican church, will be seen along the route, as well as a vine believed to be more than 100 years old.

While in the Old Port, the legends of the famous Quarantine and the nearby fortresses of St. Luke and St. John will be explained.

Ships from Dubrovnik were known throughout the Mediterranean: galleons and karakas, all of which were built and loaded in the legendary Arsenal, today the popular City Café, will be seen along the way.

Stories and legends about the church of St Blaise, Dubrovnik’s patron saint; the Cathedral; the Rector’s Palace; Sponza Palace, and Orlando’s Column will give you an overview to better understand and further explore the multi-layered past of the city.

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Definitive Guide to Dubrovnik

Not visiting Dubrovnik while in Croatia is the same as traveling to Italy and miss seeing Rome. The town of museums and festivals, the town of taverns and restaurants, the place of a mild Mediterranean climate and wonderful landscapes confirms the famous saying of the Irish writer: “Those who look for a paradise on earth should come to this town.” – Bernard... Read more »

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