Dubrovnik COVID-19 testing locations

Are you wondering where to get COVID-19 testing in Dubrovnik Croatia? Many tourists are curious to find out where to test for COVID-19. In Dubrovnik this can be done in three different locations.

Dubrovnik-neretva county Public Health Institute (ZJZ Dubrovačko-neretvanske županije):

  • Address: Ul. dr. Ante Šercera 4a, 20 000 Dubrovnik
  • Phone: +385 20 341 000
  • No drive-in testing available, results within 6 hours.
  • Working hours are Monday to Saturday 07:30 to 10:00 AM.
  • Appointments are required. More information here.

Dubrovnik General Hospital (Opća bolnica Dubrovnik):

  • Address: Dr. Roka Mišetića 2, 20 000 Dubrovnik
  • Working hours: 7:30 to 10:00 AM in drive-through location (Monday through Saturday, not working on Sundays)
  • Phone: +38520 431 731
  • Results can be provided within 12-24 hours
  • Commercial testing must be with appointments done exclusively through email [email protected]@bolnica-du.hr. Must provide name and surname, date of birth, passport number and citizenship, phone number, and email if you wish the test report emailed to you.
  • Information about this can also be found on Dubrovnik General Hospital’s website, unfortunately no English translation is provided.

Dubrovnik Health Center (Dom zdravlja Dubrovnik):

  • Address: Dr. Ante Starčevića 1, 20 000 Dubrovnik
  • Working hours: 07:00 – 20:00 Monday to Sunday. COVID-19 testing is only done 8-9 AM for PCR and 9-10 AM for antigen (ICT) tests.
  • Phone: +385 99 52 91 888, +385 20 641 613
  • Testing will not be done if you just show up in Dubrovnik Health Center. Drive-in testing is done on a different location: Auto Camp Solitudo (address: Vatroslava Lisinskog 60) – see map below. Mandatory call and appointment is required here.
  • More information on Dubrovnik Health Center’s website here (no English version provided).

Coronavirus testing in Dubrovnik is priced at €200. Make sure to bring cash and Croatian Kunas as Euros or credit cards may not be accepted at some locations.

Full map of COVID-19 testing locations in Croatia:

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For more information on visiting Dubrovnik during the coronavirus pandemic see our main COVID-19 information hub!

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Coronavirus in Croatia: How to Visit Split and Dubrovnik During COVID-19

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