About Me And My Hometown

I don’t often talk about me on the net. I don’t like, as many website owners or bloggers do, going into my personal information about my life. That being said, I do love to share my own experiences from living in Split all these years, and I hope you’ll find some of my stories helpful.

I will talk about my passions for traveling as it used to be my profession. It used to be, as today I am retired and prefer to concentrate on my hometown. My name is Pero Milos and I was born in Split, Dalmatia and grew up by the sea. I have worked in the tourist business for more than thirty years.

For years I was dreaming of creating a web site about this “small country” and to give the right information about Croatia, a new independent state.

Here is a story about me and Split Croatia Travel Guide – an independent online travel handbook to help you make the most of your trip to Split and Central Dalmatian islands.

I am convinced you you likely visited this page to learn who is the person behind this website and why should you trust the person you do not even know.

It is normal, visiting someone’s website to determine whether information is credible and worth of your trust.

If you ask me what you are going to find on this short life story page, then the answer will be, only my passion for traveling and my love for my native town.

When planning to visit a new town or country for the first time, the safest way to get the reliable information, is to rely on local people who live and know this destination in details.

If you need the first-hand information, don’t hesitate, just simply Ask A Question, about me or about Split and Dalmatia. I’ll be glad to answer it. If you have been here before than TELL me your story!

Want to know more about me?

PeroI studied at Split High School and language university in Zadar Croatia (Italian and English). I started my carrier as a school teacher but after only one year I realized it wasn’t really for me and I ended up in travel business.

My name is Pero, which translated in English is Peter or Pietro in Italian. I’s a very common name in Croatia, particularly in Dalmatia region.

Traveling is and was not only my obsession, but it was my profession. I have worked in the tourist business for more than thirty years.

While writing my life chronicle, it’s worth noting I’m almost 67 years old now but it seemed like yesterday when I decided to become a travel advisor with only commitment, helping other travelers to make the most of their holiday.

I was not only a traditional travel agent, making travel arrangements and tours, but at the same time a travel guide.

I have been touring as a professional guide almost all regions of Croatia and other parts of what once was Ex-Yugoslavia.

Later I started as a tour operator and a guide for other Mediterranean countries, above all, Italy (where I live today), Greece and Turkey (Istanbul town). I have dedicated almost four years guiding Egypt tours from Cairo to Aswan.

A Website About Me And Split Croatia

Sooner or later, reaching a certain age, we start recalling our origins and roots. Mine start in Split Croatia, my native city.

It is a town of my school days, from primary to high school, and the town of my first love (Magda).

It is a town of my dancing days in Diocletian cellars, passionate Hajduk football team supporter days, my picigin game moments on Bacvice beach, my exorbitant drinking parties, and most of the best moments in my life happened right here.

My mother and father are originally from Stari Grad, Hvar Island, and we were ‘boduli’, the people from Split County islands. It is amusing to read interpretation about distinction among people living in Split.

Nobody will guide you better when you decide to visit Split Croatia. I visit Split dozens of time each year, following the same footprints as I did in my youth. Many things have changed since then!

Stay up to date with all the news and changes in the Split city. It will convince you that staying a day more will be worth your time and money.

I’ll convince you that ‘Nima Splita do Splita’ (There is no city like Split)!

Welcome to my hometown website and have a good time!

With love,


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