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The following question about boat parties from Split was submitted by Thomas in February 2017:


I am visiting Split in May (18-21st) and am looking to go on a boat party during my stay. We are a party of 12 in total, but I can not find much information on the internet.

Do you have the name of a company, or an email address I can contact to try and book us on to one. We would be looking to go on it on Friday the 19th May.

Any help on this would be much appreciated!

Thank you!



thanks for getting in touch. The only company I’m aware of that offers 1-day boat party trips from Split is Summer Blues (Bremen d.o.o. company). Their boats do include music entertainment and unlimited amounts of beer. You’d have to double-check with them to see if it’s okay, but you can probably bring your own booze as well in addition to theirs.

Their day trips from Split include:

You can contact the company on the links above (“Need more info? Send a request!” link below “add to cart button”). Sadly from what I can gather their trips start on May 26th, but since you have a large group it’s possible they will be interested in accommodating you.

They also offer private charter where you can rent their catamaran exclusively for your group, but since it can accommodate up to 80 people the price may be too high. Nevertheless it may be best for you to simply contact them directly and ask if they’re interested in adding an additional trip on 19th; since you are traveling in a larger group it’s quite possible they can.

Alternatively you can also consider private boat/catamaran charters, here’s a couple of sites that can get you started:

You’ll have to contact the companies directly for a specific quote, but these are likely to be more expensive.

I hope that helps at least a little bit, and best of luck!

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